How it Started

We were originally just a few doctors and a lawyer.

We were angling for a safer workplace, concerned. We thought we'd do some workshops, some therapy. But there wasn't a whole lot of interest.

Then along comes Harvey Weinstein.

We thought, It's about time the dam burst.

Mr. Weinstein"s "misconduct" (to put a nice label on what he allegedly did), and dozens of women accusing him, baffled and disturbed the American public for weeks. We could talk of nothing else. Then, accusations against other powerful men. They fell one by one, daily, like dominoes, for disrespect, no, crimes, in corporate America, entertainment, government, and athletics.

Our workshops, our therapy, address all of the above, and much more.

Education is important, necessary, more than ever before. And in our educated opinion, it is ultimately what changes people.

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