#TimesUp is a long time coming.

Will there be a rush of sexual harassment claims in 2018?

A meta-analysis of probability sample studies (randomly chosen participants) finds that of over 86,000 respondents, 58% believed they experienced sexual harassing behavior at work. Reasons for not reporting include shame, fear of retaliation, and not recognizing these behaviors as true sexual harassment. But even if they do, until it becomes an emotionally unbearable situation, most targets of harassment will wait. Now that it is politically correct to report, will companies know how to respond to the magnitude?

Something needs to be add to today's workshop.

An interactive, psychoeducational experience

Education in the workplace, education every place, should be the new mantra. New studies contribute to our understanding of sexual harassment, and the current employee training is missing the most salient points. Yes, empathy training will help, but there is so much more. Relationship-wise has developed what we call a "better mousetrap," a workshop that traps knowledge, makes it unforgettable.

We're calling it: training up.

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