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An Alternative Solution to Slam/Bam Firing the Accused.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault have no place in the workplace, and there have to be protocols to handle each critical incident. They are all different, however, and in some cases employee relationship problems can be resolved amicably. Nobody will be best friends, but. . .

The company has everything to gain.

Why not predict these things, prepare the company, arm employees and educate everyone about what sexual harassment, sexual assault, really mean

And then, deliver the interventions that significantly reduce occurrences. With the recent uptick in harassment/assault visibility, we've designed an altogether new approach to what is, frankly a very old problem. We're pretty sure that our newest workshop will establish the boundaries that are needed, bring back the respect everyone wants. without losing valuable resources, i.e., personnel. Alternative solutions. The workplace needs them.

This workshop, a focus upon sexual harassment, assault.

Part II is diversity training. Women's issues are one thing, but being a minority makes one vulnerable to discrimination and harassment, too.

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