Four Ecologies

Family and Friends

Dysfunction in the family drives people to therapy as adults, but before we get wise, we've lost a few friends. Our relationship therapists target this ecology, friends and family.

The neighborhood and beyond.

An entire community can be dysfunctional, and it is difficult to weed out the bullying and the relationship violence. We address that in our offices, or online as telehealth, but if it is an entire department, i.e., the police, or the military, or a government representative, you'll have to invite us to you.

School and Work

The more authoritative the system, the more it impacts our lives, and school, which should be friendly confines, can be coercive, even toxic. We'll come to your school to talk about changing that culture.

The Internet

Is it friend or foe? Does it take us away from our intimate relationships? Can it be the place where relationship dysfunction is played out? Absolutely, and the addictions, the obsessions, are something to talk about