Four Venues


The fun and cozy, everything is permissible atmosphere of some tech companies has blurred dynamics in relationships. Co-workers and management are, what industrial health mental health professionals know to be too familial, which surely contributed to venture capital/entrepreneur abuse. But it didn't start it. Rerouting what's permissible sounds easy in theory, but to really raise the bar, the industry standard, will take some educating.

Politics and Civil Servants

It has been found, in the psych literature, that when there is a minority (i.e., women, other minorities) in an homogenous (all men, usually white) system (think police, politics, the military) that the threat or the novelty triggers abuse. Awareness may be changing this to a degree, but grappling with cause and effect, what is needed is establishing direct avenues of change.

School and Athletics

It is no secret that in schools and on and off the field, things are said and done that are going to raise alarms, concerns of discrimination, fears for personal safety. Speaking in the classroom, to the team, essential. But teachers, administration, coaches, these are the leaders. Lessons trickle down.

The Internet

Is it friend or foe? Does it take us away from our intimate relationships? Can it be the place where relationship dysfunction is played out? Absolutely, and the addictions, the obsessions, are something to talk about