Ecologies, Venues, Need to Change

Continuing Education

Professionals, because they are professionals, often self-employed, tend to know the bare minimum about sexual harassment, its definitions and effects upon health, vocation, and psycho-social functioning. Relationship-wise sponsors workshops tailored to physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and other healthcare providers.

Tech and Corporate

For years online workshops have been the most effective means of reaching employees in companies large and small. We now know they don't work, won't change predatory behavior or gender harassment (much of it unconscious). We provide an in-house workshop that gets to people, changes how they think, tweaks the "bro-culture" to make it "pro" women, egalitarian.

Politics and Civil Servants

Our congressmen, even our presidents, are found guilty of relationship violence. Stunning, but not new. The military, 90% a man's world, is especially dangerous to women and the GLBT community. Where there is a dominant culture perceptively threatened by a minority, there kick-back, territoriality. Empathy training and continuing education is designed to mitigate this.


The latest #MeToo in academia has splashed the media, post-docs and doctoral students, new hires who don't have tenure at the mercy of established professors with funded labs. The sexual abuse of female athletes, too, preparing for Olympic games has shaken our beliefs, our trust in trainers. Some, unfortunately, are incorrigible. But we believe education will have a positive effect on everyone else.