New Programs


We were not surprised, hearing stories about venture capitalists and their approach to female start up owners. Quid pro quo, sex for funding. When the media exposed the party culture, the Bro-culture, it appeared shameless, and it is. But tech is a leader when it comes to important change. Tech can lead in sexual harassment and assault prevention, too.


Larry Nassar, physician to Olympic gymnasts, is in jail for sexually assaulting young women under his care. But physicians are often alone with patients, themselves vulnerable to assault claims, sometimes deserving, sometimes not. Mental health professionals, so emotionally close, notoriously lose their licenses for sexual violations. We have to begin everywhere.


U.S. tax payers fund huge settlements that make sexual harassment claims against congressmen go away, our votes exploited. This is an old story, odd woman out, a target for abuse. And, we know that men, in each branch of the military and police, commit crimes against those who identify as GLBTQ, and violate their female peers, also in uniform. The old guard needs shaking up.


Sexually coercion in schools is an old story. But young people and old are also vulnerable in churches, mosques, and synagogues. Clergy, those who are supposed to guide us, abuse that trust, and shame and fear dampen exposure, discourage reporting. Training up will demand discussing uncomfortable topics-- and a sensitive response.