Four Programs


Because sexual harassment (a type of sexual assault) is illegal, not tolerable, never should have been "normal." Objectives (a) workplace etiquette, (b) sensitivity to six types of relationship violence, (c) raising empathy and emotional IQ


Because athletes, too, can be subject to criminal investigations. Our heroes, need to behave that way. Objectives (a) sexual assault prevention, (b) sensitivity and empathy training, (c) domestic and intimate partner violence prevention


Because being a civil servant has to imply the "best interests" of the people. Objectives a) sensitivity to the electorate, (b) sensitivity and respect for minorities, women in particular in our armed forces, (c) emotional safety for every government employee


Because teachers and students can both cross boundaries. Objectives (a) safe and sensible Internet networking, (b) safe boundaries between faculty and students, (c) demystifying mental disorders