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We were not surprised, hearing stories about venture capitalists and their approach to female start up owners. Quid pro quo, sex for funding has to stop. When the media exposed the party-Bro-culture, it appeared shameless. But tech is a leader when it comes to important change, and will lead in sexual harassment and assault prevention, too.


Larry Nassar, physician to Olympic gymnasts, will be in prison for the rest of his life for sexually assaulting hundreds of young women under his care. But physicians are often alone with patients, themselves vulnerable to assault claims, sometimes deserving, sometimes not. Mental health professionals, so emotionally close, notoriously lose their licenses for sexual violations. We have to begin everywhere.


Sexual harassment has, until now, gone under-reported. But that will change, and the need for expert witnesses to guide the litigation process, to inform juries, will grow along with that. As mental health professionals and educators, Relationship-Wise can help.


Harassment/exploitation is particularly upsetting in religious venues for spiritual growth. The young are especially vulnerable to persuasion, coercion, in parochial schools, churches, mosques, and synagogues. Clergy, there to guide, breach trust, leaving a trail of victims in shame and fear. We "workshop" at houses of worship, even discuss the Bible while we're there at in-service training.