Empathy Matters

Empathy defines our sensitivity. Without this magic, the emotional IQ that edits behavior, we don't understand why what we said or did raised eyebrows.

Everyone else in the room, people who are empathetic, are thinking, think it, please, please, don't say it,. That's almost always a good rule. They can tell when someone runs the stop sign for what's appropriate. But the actions, the words, aren't usually flagged. Nobody gives the ticket, because that's a really hard thing to do.

Better to have a culture that pays attention, opens up and confronts, either gently or firmly, depending upon what will work. We have to begin to work on this, discrimination and prejudice, abuse.

Then draws the line. Because, that's the law and people don't just get fired, they can lose their reputation, everything they have worked for. Talking about it in a group setting can be a change agent, empowering.

The rule that we associate with doctors really applies to everyone: Do no harm