What IS Relationship-Wise

It is about a problem, and a mission to solve it.

For far too long, basic human values have been missing in the workplace, social settings, even academia. And now we're hearing the aftermath as the #MeToo movement calls for change. What are the values that have been missing for so long? Respect for service, social justice, the dignity and the worth of individuals; believing in the importance and centrality of human relationships, and having expectations of integrity and competence at work, and at home and in the community

Not surprisingly, these are social work values

The mission of Relationship-Wise? The dissemination of these values, especially social justice tenets in communities and organizations. Education is well-documented to have a positive effect on workplace relationships, in raising empathy. Education every place, can change people, make them better, open up minds, imagination. The travesties well-documented as #MeToo, should not define America and its workplaces. We're better than that. We can stop the pendulum from swinging back.

We're calling it: training up.

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