Individual Help, Expert Witnesses, and CEU's

Professionals tend to miss out on sexual harassment training.

They shouldn't have to miss out. This is way too interesting, and too important. We're applying for Continuing Education approval in several professions so that when we train people in the health care industry, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, and social workers,, those professionals can apply the time spent in workshops toward their state licensure continuing education requirements.

Individual work with employees, teachers, supervisors, or civil servants.

We always like to train everyone, but sometimes there is only one individual who seems to need individual attention. This might be a supervisor, but it might be someone with no real "power" at all, except to annoy others in the workplace. We've found that three one-hour sessions is a tremendous help, but there's no guarantee. Call for more information.

Expert Witness

As academics and therapists, people who have been studying sexual harassment for years, we're valuable as expert witnesses if it ever comes to that (usually it won't).