A Couple of Hours

The individualized response to harassment in the workplace and on the field.

Not everyone pays attention to group workshops, and even if they do, not everyone will be affected, or will care. This is said to be especially true with online training where employees (or civil servants) watch-the-video, take-the-test. If it isn't face to face, there are no questions. And without questions, people don't learn. We prefer real time with a trained professional, even with video chat as an alternative.

It only takes one . . .

There may be a culture of tolerance and acceptance in a workplace, but one person, or maybe a few, people who don’t get it, need specialized help. We’ve found that three to six hours in a personalized workshop (again, it can be online) is likely to be effective.

Because the objective should be zero, when it comes to critical events.

We haven’t got time for the pain, is the truth. (As the song goes) And the company shouldn’t have to lose money to compensation or retraining new employees. We like the idea of second chances. People can change.

Personal, individualized training

We had to invent it to fill that niched, move things along.