This is Us—Our Team

Dr. Linda Freedman
Linda Freedman, LCSW, LMFT, PhD, founder of Relationship-Wise is a therapist in private practice in Chicago; She is a research educator at the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, and a dynamic relationship-safety workshop facilitator. She's the architect of The NEW Sexual Harassment Workshop for TECH, spends much of her time thinking of ways to make people smarter, wiser about relationships.  Reach her toll-free for information: (773)-274-1252.
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Gary Ashman, JD
Gary D. Ashman is an attorney and principal of Ashman & Stein in Chicago.  He founded the firm in 1976 and has litigated thousands of employment, discrimination and harassment cases in state and federal courts, in many jurisdictions, at both the trial and appellate levels.  Gary's reputation in Chicago for seminars on discrimination and sexual harassment is unsurpassed.   He is a member of the Chicago, Illinois, and American Bar Associations.  We at Relationship-Wise, Inc. are proud to have him as a presenter.
Brian Huettl, MD
Brian Huettle, MD is Medical Director/Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, and has worked urgent and flight care. His wellness presentations enhance our workshops. When Brian isn't saving lives or teaching, he runs the Chicago and Boston Marathons, and sprints the 94 floors in Hustle Up the Hancock to stay in shape. He brings to our team direct medical experience of the consequences of assault and rape, the trauma and secondary trauma of the ER. In our workshop he also advises how to help when hearing about the victimization of an acquaintance or friend.
Alex Freedman
Alex Freedman is a sports journalist originally from St. Louis, Missouri.  Since graduating from Northwestern University in 2006, his career has taken him all over the United States, from the frozen plains of Minnesota to the desert of Southern California.  For the past three years, Alex's primary job has been the Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations for the High Desert Mavericks, a minor league affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.  Like LeBron James going to Miami, Alex is excited to bring his talents to Relationship-Wise, Inc.
Shoshana Kahn, MSW, LCSW
Shoshana Kahn, MSW, LCSW, a clinical practitioner and community interventionist, has founded service organizations such as SHALVA and the Yittie Liebel National Hotline for victims domestic violence; as well as ELAN, an educational/family initiative for children with learning disabilities.  A win-win presenter, Shoshana now brings her energy and experience to Relationship-Wise, Inc.