1 Hr to Leadership—

The Mensch IQ

Because everyone could score higher when it comes to empathy

First, There's a joke. Then we begin the dirty work of change through education, the challenge.

The Big Goal Making interaction conscious to reduce relationship slights.

Objective 1 Motivate, capture imagination. It is easy to teach, much harder to inspire.

Objective 2 Reinforce, drill, inculcate—make an impression. What good is a workshop if nobody remembers anything?

Objective 3 And acceptance. Raising emotional intelligence, or Emotional IQ, is a crap shoot. We can’t always do it. But we can rectify mistakes.

Group Training begins the process. A conversation, a"Ted Talk" all in one. Research based, but accessible.

Why Again? Because anything personal can be a source of ridicule, not only sex, gender, age, national origin, race, religion, disability, veteran or child-bearing status, or sexual orientation.