3 Hrs to Personal Sensitivity —

Waking Them Up

The NEW response to harassment in the workplace and on the field.

GOAL: Awareness of relationship violence and its many faces. Unconscious, unintentional behavior is often the issue. Make it conscious—because some is intentional, and penalties, suspensions, jeopardize productivity.

OBJECTIVE 1: Preserve the talent. Work one on one to educate, make it all very clear.

OBJECTIVE 2: Inspire insight—and inform everyone else. Disseminate learning. Individualized training de-shames, normalizes, and ensures corporate change.

OBJECTIVE 3: The hard part—change. To make it appealing, we tell stories, discuss how others managed to grow, despite themselves. It is a great feeling, becoming a part of the solution. But it isn’t intuitive. We have to learn how.

Individualized Training — We had to invent it to move things along.